From his sublime turkey chili to his unique chocolate potato chip cookies, Marcel ‘s creations combined with his good looks and winning personality make him a World Class Chef. He’s my go to guy whenever I have a special occasion and need a chef to impress!”

                                            -Jack Sussman, Executive Vice President at CBS Entertainment

Marcel Cocit has worked for us off and on for the past 10 years. He is absolutely fabulous! His cooking is interesting and creative, which is especially difficult when dealing with a family of picky eaters. He is quick and clean, and just a joy to have in the house. Our children love hanging out in the kitchen with him. While he is accomplished at cooking for a family of six, he is equally capable of cooking for the largest dinner parties. He does it all with the same easy going and happy nature!”

                                                            -Laurie and Jon Feltheimer, LionsGate Entertainment

Marcel is a pleasure to work with. On several occasions we turned to Marcel’s Catering because of their fantastic selection of food, their professionalism and their ability to be prompt. Marcel himself is quite the chef, always prepared to offer a selection of menus to our starving artists. Highly recommend for any occasion.”

                                                         -Nick Timmerman, Project Manager at Pixo Entertainment

I met Marcel years ago at a cooking class. Immediately after we ate, I cornered him in the kitchen to get his info and have since hired him to cook for my most important events. Large parties or small, his food is so delicious and is always prepared beautifully. My guests are always so happy and complimentary of his meals. Thanks to his warm, fantastic personality and great sense of humor, he is by far my favorite chef for hire.”

                                                                            -Christina Zilber, Founder of Jouer Cosmetics

Chef Marcel Cocit has catered many events in my home.  His passion and love for cooking comes out in his food.  His style of cooking in my own words would be simple, healthy and full of flavor.  Marcel’s personality and charm is a key ingredient to his success!  All my guests were very impressed with him and his staff.  I would highly recommend Chef Marcel to cater your next event.  Oh and make sure he makes one of his desserts that’s filled with love!!!”

                                                             -Garth Fisher M.D. F.A.C.S.,Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeron

Chef Marcel Is hands down one of the best caterers I have worked with.  His food is incredible and his flexibility and creativeness seems to be without end.  He will only make your events all the more memorable. “

                                                                             -Matt Gutshall, Rhythm and Hues Studios

I hired Marcel as an on camera chef for a web series and he was amazing. His passion for food and life came through on camera and in his recipes. Since then I have hired him for recipe creation, catering and on camera work. All elements of his work are superb… and tasty.”

                                                          -Barry Gribbon, Executive Producer for Web and Cable TV

Marcel is an experienced on camera chef with an amazing sense of new and exciting culinary works.  He will give you the rationale behind his creation du Jour. Marcel is engaging and has a terrific following already. His food is delightfully healthy as well.”

                                                                              -Strath Hamilton, CEO TriCoast Studios

I’ve never been a client of Marcel’s but I had the good fortune to be his neighbor for several years. His commitment to his catering engagements is at the highest level as is the quality of the food he prepares. Everything is delicious, varied and made with love.”

                                                          -Jennifer Wirth Symington, American Honda Finance Corp.

Marcel is an excellent chef and really makes an event come alive with his sense of humor and charm. His food is delicious!!”

                                                                             -Kris Kelly, Realtor at Gibson International

Marcel is one of my favorite caterers! His food is delicious while still being health conscious. He uses fresh ingredients and will always work with your company to meet whatever budget constraints you may have. He’s extremely reliable and punctual.  He and his team put a lot of effort into not only preparing great food, but making sure the presentation and distribution of the food is handled with care. I would hire Marcel again to cater for company functions and recommend him highly. He also makes the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. “

                                           -Jaimie Lee Jota, Senior Digital Production MGR for Digital Domain

I have had the pleasure of enjoying Chef Marcel’s catering for the last 8 years since he first started catering for Digital Domain. As a tired artist working 10-12 hour days, 6 days a week, what you eat for lunch and/or dinner can really make or break your day. Walking in to find Chef Marcel with a smile on his face serving up the delicious concoction he thought up for the day always took the edge off.   So when I saw that Chef Marcel is now also catering for the new visual fx company I am working for, Pixomondo, I was excited.  I would be able to once again  enjoy his mac n’ cheese, rosemary roasted pork and caprese skewers! Chef Marcel will always bring you great food and excellent service.”

                                                                     -Chad Finnerty, Animation Supervisor at Pixomondo